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By Callie G.

September 10th, 2023

Fresh Foods for Hamsters

Fresh food is an important part of hamster diets as it provides variety and contains many nutrients and minerals.


Feeding fresh food can be confusing at first, but after this article, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly simple!



When you first introduce fresh foods, make sure to start with a small piece and slowly introduce larger pieces to ensure that the hamster can finish the portions. However, it’s good to provide a variety of fruits and veggies. Keep in mind that dwarf hamsters should not be fed much fruit since they are prone to diabetes and fruit is high in sugar. Meats, potatoes, and sweet potatoes should be fully cooked. Wash and dry fruits and vegetables thoroughly, making sure that all visible dirt is washed off, and be sure to discard any spoilt parts before preparing them to consume. Use cold or lukewarm water for washing so the vegetables and fruits won’t wilt.


After you wash the produce, pat it dry on a paper towel and divide it into small, bite-sized pieces.


Fresh foods may be served in a small dish or fed by hand.

Serving Sizes: 


The serving size varies from hamster to hamster and what they will eat. For example, Roborovski hamsters and Syrian hamsters won’t eat the same amount of fresh food. 


If there’s too much fresh food left over, the leftovers can go bad and grow mold, risking illness. One way to prevent mold growth is to offer smaller pieces of fresh food that dry up instead of growing mold. Figuring out the right portion size to offer your hamster can take time, so if you notice that your hamster isn’t finishing all of their fresh food, maybe it’s time for a smaller serving. 


Feeding Frequency: 


Feeding frequency can also vary from hamster to hamster due to each individual’s habits. Most hamsters can be fed fresh food 2-4 times a week, but it really depends on your hamster’s preferences and schedule.


Where to Find Fresh Foods:


Some great places to purchase fresh foods can be your local farmer’s market or grocery store. By visiting farmer’s markets, you get the freshest produce possible, know where they are sourced from, and also support small-scale farmers. 

List of Safe Produce:

From Ontario Hamster Club

Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 9.50.32 AM.png

Moose, a Syrian hamster, eating a slice of refreshing cucumber

Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 9.50.48 AM.png

Syrian-sized servings

Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 9.59.52 AM.png
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