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We started FatPotat Creations to help the community, not to make money. 100% of our profit goes to animal rescues.

Get to Know Us

Most people believe that small pets belong in small cages. We believed this too – until we stumbled across the term "proper hamster care". Soon, we discovered major issues in most commercial rodent-focused pet brands: they prioritized aesthetics and customer appeal over durability, design, and function. Looking for a better solution for our furry friend, we purchased a scroll saw, bought some wood, and started making. We now had the ability to make completely custom small animal products that looked great and worked great. After seeing our hamster fall in love with her new hideouts and bridges, we decided to start selling our products for hamsters and other pets worldwide to enjoy. We started small on Instagram and decided to expand to Etsy in June 2023. We truly love crafting high-quality products for your potato-shaped companions. Nothing makes us happier than seeing happy rodents with happy owners!

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